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Wrestling has always been a famous sport in Indo-Pakistan form several thousand years old. In ancient times, it was trained for combat and self-defense. Archeological findings, dating back to 3000 B.C., indicated many enduring legends describing the wrestling bouts between gods, between mortals and between gods and mortals. In feudal times, wrestling matches were often fought to the death. Over centuries, Wrestling was gradually modified to become a sport. Safety rules were implemented and dangerous techniques were prohibited. Formal training methods were established. Standardized square earth-filled pits (Akhara), measuring approximately 20 feet by 20 feet for training and competition were introduced.

The Gurz
   The Gurz has been a traditional Indo-Pakistani Trophy awarded to Champion Wrestlers (Phelwans) at Wrestling Competition (Dungals) for over 400 years. The Gurz are handmade and vary in design and size, sometimes made out of silver or gold with inlaid precious stones. The Gurz is a symbol of spirit, strength and skill. The Gurz are still awarded to the best all around competitor, making the Dungals truly a part of the tradition.

City of Wrestlers

Gujranwala is famous as the city of wrestlers. The City and wrestling run neck to neck. It has produced famous wrestlers of the sub-continent, who have proved their skill and strength. This city is proud to attain fame in sub-continent in this behalf with grand titles ever won by any city of the world. Before the independence of Pakistan The Great Gama was the unbeatable champion of Indo-Pak sub continent, but a Gujranwala Wrestler Raheem Sultani wala wrestled twice with the Great Gama and won the title of "Rustum Hind" or "The Lion Of India".

The famous Wrestlers (grapplers) were: Rahim Bux Phelwan Sultani wala (Rustum Hind), Younus Phelwan (Sitar-e-Pakistan), Acha Phelwan (Sher-e-Pakistan) and many more were there who entitled the city as the "City of Wrestlers" or "Pehlwana da shehur".

Wrestling in Gujranwala nowdays is just official part of History. Still Friendly but often heated competitions (Dungal) are held in throughout Pakistan and Internationally. These matches are attended by thousands of spectators. Both men and boys competes with great excitement and enthusiasm.

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